About Us 

T.W.O Face ( The World's Original Face ) was established in 2012. Urban culture serves as the major inspiration for the inception of the London born, underground brand.

T.W.O Face is underpinned by the founder's belief that : the clothing should embody premium quality alongside a consistently strong identity; aiming to epitomize an understated style.

The vision is that T.W.O Face will acquire respect through it's dependability to offer a range exuding clean cut original design; permitting the brand to compete and excel against international labels with a British product for the first time. 

T.W.O Face signals the emergence of a campaign to truly deliver a timeless street uniform; hailing out of London, England.

The History of the 5 Panel

 The origin of the 5 panel cap can be traced back to cycling hats; however, the likely catalyst for the adoption of the five panel as street wear fashion can be attributed to Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee ); Blackmon wore a cycling inspired, brooklyn camp cap in the Nike / Jordan commercials from the late 80’s, early 90’s. 

Originally the 5 panel hat was worn with the peak faced skyward, however throughout the last ten years its placement has gradually changed; sitting nowadays roughly at a horizontal position. From its cycling routes the 5 panel has boldly reemerged in the last few years as a skate wear staple. The 5 panel cap, unlike the snapback, provides a more refined fit; designed to sit tighter around the head. 

Considering that the average price of most 5 panel caps are relatively cheap in comparison with other types of apparel, the 5 panel has become an item of clothing that many Skateboarders,  Supreme Hipsters  and Headwear Enthusiasts purchase frequently, amassing large collections of vastly differing designs. The challenge for all 5 panel designers is to create something original; the sheer number of offerings from many Streetwear and higher fashion brands leave the consumer facing a sea of choice and so consequently it’s vital that new releases are invigorating and offer a fresh take on this hugely popular cap.   

 The vast array of five panel designs is ever-growing, many styles are highly sought after and quickly become collectible; TwoFace serves as a primary example of this - where small runs and limited edition pieces are concerned we take great pride in the fact that our designs are rare, consequently we triumph in deepening each and every customers appreciation for their TwoFace product.